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Posted on February, Monday 06, 2012 By Jalaj Roy Choudhury

Grass root level growth, that\'s what mobile company iVK Mobile is aiming for with its new products. The Company is extensively tapping the rural market unlike others. They have rolled out latest and technologically enhanced products to make their presence felt in the rural market as well as in the urban market.

In an exclusive interaction with ITVar News, Anil K Kaushik, CEO, iVK Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. shares details about the la

In an exclusive interaction with ITVar News, Anil K Kaushik, CEO, iVK Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. shares details about the latest offerings by the Company, trends and size of the tablet market, potential of Indian market and other details. Here are the excerpts.

ITVar News: What all are the latest offerings by your company in the telecom segment?

Anil K Kaushik: We have launched iV198 multimedia phone recently. For the FIRST time in India, we have product with 2.6" display and 4000mAh battery. iV198 has talk time of 36 hours and 80 days of standby time. The product has been received very well by the market and it's in huge demand.  Another phone iV208 is newly launched multimedia phone with 2" display. The product has an excellent look and feel breaking all our sales records.

ITVN: What motivated you to foray in to Telecom Segment?

AKK: I have been part of telecom industry since long and hence telecom was the obvious choice. I believe telecom industry is ever emerging, dynamic growing industry. Technology keeps changing and hence it's never late or early to join the market. Our belief has been proven by market as we are growing almost 100% month over month in last 4-5 months.  

ITVN: With leaders already enjoying a good market share, how are you ensuring that you gain some foothold being a latest entrant in the segment?

AKK: As I stated earlier, the best time to enter telecom segment is the time when one actually enters the segment. The annual market growth of over 10% is a very good sign for opportunity. Our strategy for good market share is to provide different and new innovative products at low cost to meet customer needs. We are the first to launch 3000mAh (iV171) and 4000mAh (iV198) battery phones with great sound and video quality. Our products come with Bluetooth with A2DP, wireless FM, Auto Call recording, 

ITVN: After foraying into the Indian Market with your products, are you planning to spread your wings globally?

AKK: SICT is a global brand and we are already present in Middle East, Africa, Europe besides other Asian countries.

ITVN: Your products are targeted towards which segment of consumers?

AKK: Our products are mass market product, we want to reach rural market as well as urban market.  We have multiple categories for products meeting the needs for each segment. The key to success lies in product definition and look and feel.

ITVN: How does the tablet market evolving today? What are the present day challenges that you see in this segment?

AKK: Tablet PCs is the future for 2012 and I expect total sales volume of about 1 million numbers. We are very passionate about the Tablet PCs. Most of the application developers will continue to develop lots of applications on Android open platform which is boon to industry but this will also be a challenge to manage Tablets hardware which can actually support the customer needs with so many applications. This may result gap in customer expectation to actual deliverables.  

ITVN: With tablets gaining rapid momentum these days, are you planning to introduce tablets also? If yes, what kind of price tag will you keep for your tablets, keeping an eye on the competition as well?

AKK: Sure, we have plans to launch tablet PCs very soon at price tag from Rs 7000 to Rs 17000.

ITVN: What kind of business potential do you think this segment has for a country like India?

AKK: Tablet PCs are future, I expect each person will be carrying 3G enabled Tablet PCs for interrupted voice and data transmission.

ITVN: For tablets, form factor is very important. What are trends that are setting rules for tablet form factor evolution?

AKK: The Tablet PC size will change to size of Display itself with bigger battery technology for long usage time. The thickness will be less than 10mm. Going forward in future, I do expect flexible Tablet PCs which can be folded for ease to carry them.

ITVN: How big would the tablet market for India? What new/emerging technologies do you expect to see in such devices in the next 3-5 years?

AKK: I expect market size of about 1 million for 2012 with exponential growth in coming few years. The coprocessor speed will increase and make tablet PCs more user friendly. WiMax will be a great tool to increase penetration of tablet PC.

ITVN: Today we have so many different mobile brands. How difficult or easy it is to differentiate in this competitive mobile world?

AKK: The few critical areas are

i.    After Sales Service

ii.    Good Quality product with great look and feel

iii.    Acquisition cost with all features

iv.    Market research for identifying customer needs

Competition is always good as it keeps us going to do something new.

ITVN: Where do you see your Company 3 years down the line?

AKK: We should be among the top 10 brand in India with own manufacturing base in India as well. I do expect that we will bring many new innovative technologies in my country.

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Posted :March, Thursday 01, 2012

When is Spark coming ?and at what price?.... i am wait for thebeautiful phone


Posted :February, Wednesday 15, 2012

iV198 ye phone hai ya phone ka baap. battery khatam he nahi hoti. Good luck SICT


Posted :February, Wednesday 15, 2012

mein iV198 phone use kar raha hun ek baar pura charge karne k baad aj 10 din se jada ho chuka hai and abhi tak use kar raha hun. really mein bahut he damdaar phone hai..


Posted :February, Tuesday 14, 2012

Maine kharida iV171 pata nahi ye kaise chalta hai ek hafte se charge nahi kiya par ye to chalta hi ja raha hai. Rajsthani kammel ke jaisa hai ek baar kha kar mahine bhukha rah sakta hai.........


Posted :February, Tuesday 14, 2012

Proud owner of iV198 Charge hi nahi karna padta