Mega Networks unveils high density server solutions

Mega Networks unveils high den

To provide finest IT products and solutions, Meg
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Vintron Ventures into Security & Surveillance Segment in India

Vintron Ventures into Security & Surveillance Segment in India

With its Indian manufacturing prowess on its side, Vintron Informatics is set ...


Wireless Video Surveillance, Reducing Crime Rates

Wireless video surveillance systems driven mesh networks is set to reduce on the crime rates. In a wireless mesh network, a node is a connection point. Nodes contain data and/or links to other nodes Read More >

Rashi supplies webcams for UID project

Government of India’s most ambitious project Unique Identification project by providing every citizen of India, a unique identity is kick started throughout the country. Rashi as a team is dis Read More >

Wireless Video Surveillance Set to Reduce Crime Rates Down

Putting a tab on the elevating crime rate is a matter of concern for the government as well as the police department and wireless surveillance is surely stepping on that direction.Techno Read More >

Public Safety looks up to Next Gen Surveillance

Keeping in mind the growing number of criminal acts of incidents in the public space, there is a growing need towards incorporating surveillance that delivers true next gen capabilities for the comm Read More >

Enterprise intensifying focus towards IP Surveillance

With monitoring systems becoming more than critical for the enterprise segment, whether it is small or a big enterprise, today they are looking at having IP based surveillance systems in place in or Read More >

Wireless Tech Taking Surveillance Ahead

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Next Gen Surveillance Goes Strong on Dedicated Network

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Surveillance & security answering the wireless call

As most of the surveillance and security stakes are being deployed outside the walls, wireless standards offer the best possible way to address the compatibility issues and challenges.A large po Read More >

Wireless Surveillance, Taking Security to Next Level

Surveillance clubbed with wireless capabilities is taking the security infrastructure to the next levelAt a time when security network are increasingly using wireless infrastructure for connecti Read More >